Ironworks Coffee

It is impossible for one tool to become sharper without the presence of the other. Left alone, both blades would be dull and quite useless. Our purpose is to live and serve in the community of others, and to create a place to build loving and growing relationships.

Why Choose Us?

We take espresso very seriously here at Ironworks. To stay at the top of the game we recalibrate our machine up to 3x daily to make sure our guests are receiving the highest quality espresso. Grind size, extraction time, and weight are just a few of the details we adjust on a daily basis.

Complement any day with our craft coffee, tea, and espresso beverages. From best-in-class barista training to dedicated on-site support, Ironworks Coffee is a delightful place to gather with friends, meet privately with business partners or simply enjoy the Parker County Courthouse view. 


Giving a tool the desired sharpness took time in the ancient world, as there were no electric whetstones or other sharpening devices. Persistent along with careful striking was required, and the process lasted longer than a matter of seconds. One man does not sharpen another with just one speech, though words spoken in the right season can go quite far in helping improve another person. Instead, people sharpen one another over time, through years of friendship and all of the ins and outs that come with enduring relationships.

We encourage you all to endure friendships and sharpen one another as we bring a sense of community to Parker County.

Ironworks Coffee

108 Houston Ave. Weatherford, TX 76086

Business Hours


6 a.m. - 6 p.m.